AAOMPT 2014 Conference
October 22-26, 2014, San Antonio, Texas
Grand Hyatt San Antonio

Here is what past attendees had to say about their AAOMPT conference experience:

  • "It is the best conference, period. The best and most relevant speakers and topics for manual therapists."

  • "I enjoyed the knowledge I gained and all the networking. As a student it was very valuable to meet other students and clinicians."

  • "This was a great experience in my first year as a PT. I attended as part of the Orthopedic residency program in which I am involved this year."

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"Clinical Reasoning: The Science, Skills and Value of OMPT"

Clinical Reasoning is a fundamental process in clinical care and involves the interplay between the Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapist and the patient.

Sound Clinical Reasoning requires the Physical Therapist to:

  1. Understand the SCIENCE of OMPT with a sound understanding of the research and evidence pertaining to the patient's condition(s)
  2. Possess the SKILLS to acquire clinical information and utilize active thought processes to analyze all of the pertinent information to determine the most appropriate intervention
  3. Appreciate and advocate for the VALUE of Clinical Reasoning in leading to the use of patient centric interventions with a focus on management using interventions effective for the conditions being treated. Clinical Reasoning based interventions may potentially lead to greater efficiency, cost containment and more rapid and complete rehabilitation. Clinical Reasoning may also enhance greater communication within and between patient care disciplines.