Publications Provided to Members by AAOMPT

As a member of the AAOMPT, you are provided multiple resources, some including publications. Of those, Evidence Mobilized and Hands On are distributed monthly.

Under arrangement with the publishers, AAOMPT also purchases and provides members an electronic subscription to the Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy. AAOMPT is not the publisher/owner of the JMMT. For direct subscription information you may contact Zoe Goldsbury or e-mail: [email protected].

Please note that JMMT publications are available in hard copy form for a negotiated price of $40.00. You may purchase your hard copy subscription in the AAOMPT store. The hard copies are mailed by US Mail, Third Class, Bulk rate. This means that if your address is not correct within the AAOMPT database, you will not receive your publications. Third class mail is not forwardable by the US Post Office and is not returned to AAOMPT or JMMT. Also, you must be a current member to get this price.

For new members who join in the middle of a year — you will have access to electronic back issues ofthe JMMT  for the year in which you join, HOWEVER, if you join in the last quarter of a given year (Oct. - Dec.) you WILL NOT have access to back issues of publications. Your membership will be extended through the end of the next dues year and you will receive electronic publication issues for that dues year only. Hands On distribution will be done monthly and as long as you join by the 15th of the month, you will receive that month?s newsletter.

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