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Early Professional SIG

The Early Professional Special Interest Group (EPSIG) held their first meeting in March 2020 with potential interim officers to gather ideas and concepts for the upcoming year.

Two main concepts that came up during our meeting were:

  1. Establishing pathways to ease the transition different phases of your career
  2. Creating leadership opportunities and engagement of early career professionals

We are still looking for people interested in leading, being involved, or even wondering about AAOMPT’s newest special interest group for early professionals! AAOMPT’s Early Professional SIG (EPSIG) is now up and running to promote involvement, membership and shape the needs of clinicians entering a critical transitional period. Whether you are a newly graduating DPT student, current resident/fellow, or simply looking for further guidance, mentorship and resources, the Early Professional SIG can be your sounding board.

If you would like to be involved, have any questions, or would like more information, please contact the Early Professional Special Interest Group at [email protected].

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