Career Opportunities

All postings on AAOMPT’s Online Job Board must be for bona fide open positions at a specific location. As such, we reserve the right to cancel any posting, or any contract with a company that submits a posting, with no refund of money, that in our sole determination violates this bona fide open position requirement. We may at any time—but are not obligated to do so in making a determination of bona fide positions—request documentation from the agency, or request written confirmation from the employer that they have given authorization to the agency to recruit for that position. In the absence of written job orders from the company, we will require written confirmation from the employer (via e-mail or fax) verifying that the agency is authorized to recruit for the position. Please be aware that provision of documentation doesn't guarantee that we will accept a posting if we still determine that it does not represent a valid open position.

AAOMPT is opposed, as a matter of health care policy, to arrangements under which sources of referral (including physicians) stand to profit from referring patients for physical therapy. The policy, AAOMPT, states: "The AAOMPT opposes ... participation in services that is in any way linked to the financial gain of the referral source." Because of this policy, AAOMPT’s Career Opportunities does not accept job listings for positions in a practice if any physician or other referral source has a financial interest in the practice and refers patients to an employed physical therapist. All employers submitting job listings to AAOMPT’s job board must make the following certification by checking the "I agree" box below.

Which I click “continue” I am certifing that no referral source (including any referring physician) has a financial interest in the practice that has the position that is the subject of this advertisement.

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