Pelvic Health SIG

Welcome AAOMPT Pelvic Health SIG

The purpose of the AAOMPT- Pelvic Health Special Interest Group is to serve its members by promoting the identity of manual therapy in the field of Pelvic Health rehabilitation through clinical practice, education, research, mentorship, and professional development.

The objectives of the AAOMPT – Pelvic Health SIG shall be to:

  1. Establish effective mechanisms to identify, recruit, and promote manual therapists who practice or have an interest in practicing in Pelvic Health Physical Therapy.
  2. Implement a mechanism to consistently disseminate to members current concepts, best practice patterns, and research related to the use of manual therapy in Pelvic Health.
  3. Create a forum for continuous professional development of members through collegial networking and collaboration with clinical leaders in Pelvic Health and manual therapy.
  4. Provide resources to facilitate education, mentorship, and cooperation to support clinicians and students interested in the implementation of manual therapy in Pelvic Health Physical Therapy.
  5. Enhance the objectives and functions of the Academy as set forth in the strategic plan and AAOMPT bylaws as well as by AAOMPT and IFOMPT’s Standards of Practice.

Membership to the Pelvic Health SIG

All members of AAOMPT – Pelvic Health SIG must be members of AAOMPT in good standing. All licensed physical therapists and student physical therapists with an interest in the promotion and implementation of manual therapy in Pelvic Health Physical Therapy are eligible for membership in the AAOMPT – Pelvic SIG. To sign up for the Pelvic Health SIG, please follow the below instructions:

  • Log into your AAOMPT Membership Profile
  • Choose the My Information Tab
  • Choose the My Details Option
  • Select the pencil tool to the right of the screen which will then allow you to edit your details
  • Scroll down to Pelvic Health SIG option
  • Choose Yes or No and select Save at the bottom of the screen.

Any questions you may have regarding the Pelvic Health SIG, please email [email protected]


Pelvic Health SIG Decision Tree