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About the PAF

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists (AAOMPT) is committed to assisting its members and APTA state chapters to attain APTA Vision 2020, including supporting legislative and regulatory efforts related to Direct Access legislation and to defend the scope of the physical therapy practice. The funds are used to support the grant program and to put on additional education programming to assist state chapters in obtaining their OMPT related practice goals.

Examples of how PAF money is spent include disbursements to the APTA in an effort to defray their costs in defending our right to bill Medicare patients for manipulation; to a video production firm for the video/DVD "Physical Therapy and Manipulation"; and to support state chapters in their battles with chiropractors on legislative issues related to the practice of OMPT with educational programming provided in Washington, Indiana, Texas, and Florida.

Through the generous donations of our members and supporters, AAOMPT has been able to provide assistance to the following states and groups:

  • North Carolina - AAOMPT provided $5,000 and $10,000 grants in 2016  to assist the North Carolina Physical Therapy Association in their efforts to achieve the legislative and regulatory authority for physical therapists to perform dry needling in North Carolina.
  • California — AAOMPT provided $5,000 grants in 2011 and 2012 to assist California Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy Special Interest Group in their efforts to achieve the legislative and regulatory authority for physical therapist to perform manipulation in California.
  • South Carolina — A $5,000 grant awarded to the in 2010 which assisted in their legislative efforts to protect their current law that restricts referral for profit physical therapy practice arrangements.
  • Washington — Legislation was reintroduced in 2010 that would repeal the current prohibition found in the WA PT Act that restricts physical therapist from performing spinal manipulation. SB 5230 would eliminate the language and insert alternate language that would prohibit PTs from "performing a chiropractic adjustment of the spine." The WA PT Act definition of "physical therapy" already includes the terms 'manual therapy' and 'joint mobilization,' and 'manipulation.' The Washington Chapter once again held a large rally at the state capitol in Olympia with over 600 PTs, PTAs, and students lobbying in support of SB 5230. While the legislation did not move during the recent session, it will be re-introduced in the upcoming legislative session. Dialogue and negotiations with the WA Chiropractic Association continues in anticipation of reintroduction. AAOMPT awarded the Washington chapter a $5,000 grant to assist in this ongoing legislative battle.

In addition the PAF has funded advocacy events for the APTA State Chapters in conjunction with the AAOMPT Annual Conference in 2008 (Seattle, WA), 2010 (San Antonio, TX), and 2011 (Anaheim, CA). The PAF also assisted in funding the extremely successful Capitol Hill event held in 2009 during the AAOMPT Conference in conjunction with the APTA and the APTA Orthopaedic Section.

Finally the PAF has most recently assisted in the funding of the Foundation for Physical Therapy's $300,000 high-impact research grant on the influence of physical therapy referral characteristics and practices on quality, cost effectiveness, and utilization patterns, which has been awarded to Jean Mitchell, PhD, of Georgetown University. We all recognize Dr. Mitchell for her previous work in the area of referral for profit and we are looking forward to learning the outcome of the study's findings.

The 140 Club

Beginning January 2003, the 140 Club began soliciting members to join this most prestigious group. The 140 Club is the designation used to describe and honor those individuals who have donated at least one hundred and forty dollars ($140.00) to the PAF in a calendar year. The "140" refers to the CPT code for manual therapy, 97140. The 140 Club members are investing in the future of our profession by ensuring that money and resources are available to fight for the protection of our right to practice orthopaedic manual physical therapy (OMPT).

Our 140 Club members receive numerous benefits:

  • A warm fuzzy feeling in the center of their chest
  • Recognition at our annual conference.

Thank you for supporting the physical therapy profession through the Practice Affairs Fund!

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