Open Positions


The current list of responsibilities of the AAOMPT President includes writing an inspiring paragraph to encourage someone to replace me in my position—as in this paragraph. In writing this paragraph, I could have elected to share with you my inspiration to become president. Truth be told, I had no such desire. When I ran for the office there were no other interested candidates, winning unopposed, by a landslide. I was encouraged by others to run and fill the position. With a deep love and appreciation of AAOMPT, I approached the role primarily as a service position. I soon found my inspiration for the position amongst an excited and incredibly motivated group of people already serving AAOMPT. Every organization, regardless of size, location or corporate structure, must have a leader who performs tasks aimed at developing the organization's vision and implementing the policies and procedures that allow that vision to be accomplished. This would be your primary role. You need to bring your A-game on listening, organization, patience, accountability, policing, prodding, talking people of the ledge and time management. Service work always comes with more returns than expected. This is an opportunity to grow your skills and experience as you work to grow AAOMPT. With an outstanding management group behind AAOMPT, the position is not as daunting as it may appear. Time is required to be an effective leader, but I have always had more fun as a Board member than a bored member. If you have unutilized passion and endurance to bring to the vision and strategic plan of AAOMPT, then you are ready. AAOMPT is strongest when more of us are involved



My involvement in the AAOMPT has accelerated my professional growth and development. Eleven years ago, I accepted a nomination for executive secretary with great trepidation. Since then I have served on the executive committee as vice-president, member-at-large and I was recently appointed to complete the term ending in 2017 as executive vice president. I never imagined that I would enjoy serving the AAOMPT as much as I have. I originally became involved because I wanted to be of service to an organization that of which I admire and am proud to be a part. I have continued to serve for the same reasons but also because of the fine, motivated and passionate individuals with which I am able to serve.

I believe volunteering time to be in service of one’s professional organization not only an honor but also a necessity. The AAOMPT functions because of the work put in by its members who volunteer. Those who volunteer are the ones who take an active role in shaping the direction of the AAOMPT and the physical therapy profession.

Serving the AAOMPT has allowed me to make numerous personal and professional connections. Some of these have resulted in a variety of professional collaborations that have strengthened me as a physical therapy professional. Serving on the executive committee has provided me insights into organizational management and leadership skills that I did not previously have.

The positions of vice president and president are open for nominations. Consider serving by nominating yourself or have a colleague nominate you for one of these positions.

Jake Magel, PT, PhD, DSc

Nominating Committee

Hello there! I’m Lexie Wright and I’ve had the pleasure of formally serving on the AAOMPT Nominating Committee for the past 3 years as well as the Research Committee since 2011. I think I would still consider myself fairly ‘young’ in my academic career and have always been grateful for the opportunities presented to me by my peers. Several years ago I had the fortunate opportunity to be nominated by one of my most respected peers to serve on the AAOMPT nominating committee. Once again, I was honored that one of my peers saw the potential in me to serve in such a capacity and I enthusiastically agreed to the nomination. AAOMPT has done a lot for me in terms of my career trajectory and this was a wonderful way for me to give back. In addition, it was a wonderful way for me to personally make connections not only with the AAOMPT executive committee, but also to the many wonderful AAOMPT members interested in getting involved. I tend to be a person who finds great joy in helping others succeed. AAOMPT nominating committee has allowed to do so by offering members, young and old alike, the same opportunities afforded to me by my peers. Please consider running for AAOMPT nominating committee. I promise you, you will not regret it!

Dr. Alexis Wright PT, PhD, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT