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Deadline for mentored abstract submission: June 10, 2021 (PST: 11:59 pm)
Deadline for ALL abstract submissions: June 30, 2021 (PST: 11:59 pm) 

Platform Rubric

Poster Rubric

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Required components for each type of submission

The Annual Conference of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists will be held October 7-10, 2021.

CONTENT: The Academy solicited all avenues of research including abstracts of Case Reports (including Case Series and Clinical Pearl Presentations) and Research Reports (including original quantitative or qualitative studies, Systematic Reviews, and Descriptive or Scoping Reviews). The Academy is particularly interested in research evaluating intervention strategies using randomized controlled trials. Submission of abstracts for innovative OMPT education, assessment and/or management techniques for musculoskeletal conditions, and health services topics related to OMPT are strongly encouraged. OMPT topics related to spinal and/or peripheral joint thrust and/or non-thrust manipulation, dry needling, soft tissue techniques, motor control or pain science interventions will be prioritized.

Abstracts of COMPLETED projects ONLY will be reviewed and scored by the Research Committee. Preliminary data from larger scale projects will be accepted if the abstract fully describes the data analysis and results. Abstracts are intended to represent scientific research or non-commercial content related to clinical practice. Advertisements are not acceptable.

Abstract Examples

Title Title
Background & Purpose Background & Purpose
Case Description Methods
Outcomes Results
Discussion / Conclusion Discussion / Conclusion

Please read the following author instructions for details on poster and platform presentations.

Poster Presentation Instructions

Platform Presentation Instructions

NOTE: All 5x5 presentations will be limited to five (5) slides AND five (5) minutes.

Research study presentation formats at the conference include:

1a) Case Report / Case Series - presentation of case report / series (eg single-subject design, descriptive report) including manual therapy in their diagnosis / management, characterized by their scarcity. Unique and original presentations will be prioritized.

1b) Clinical Pearl (will be a 5x5 presentation) discussion of and DEMONSTRATION of a unique OMPT technique. Please see attached link for further details on the clinical pearl guidelines.

2) Research Report: original quantitative / qualitative research / systematic reviews / descriptive or scoping reviews. Abstract for research studies, included pilot studies, must include final data analysis for the project being presented (even if a pilot study).

PUBLICATION: The accepted abstracts will be published in a supplemental format with The Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy, which has readership in over 40 Countries.

Abstracts will be limited to 450 words. Abstract submissions that are over the 450 word limit or are not complete will not be reviewed and rejected. Note: While references are not required within the abstract, all finished presentations are expected to be based on the current evidence with references appropriately noted. Poster presentations should have at least five (5) references on the poster.

Abstract mentoring: The author has the option to self-select to receive feedback PRIOR to abstract grading. The AAOMPT Research Committee will review abstracts and submit feedback ONE time to the author. The author will have one week to address the concerns and resubmit.

Abstract grading / selection: The Research Committee will grade the abstracts for rubric after the June 30th deadline. Email decisions of acceptance and format of presentation have been communicated.

AUTHORS / FEES: There is a fee of $30.00 associated with submitting each abstract. At least one author must be a licensed physical therapist. All presenters of poster/platform presentations are required to attend the virtual presentation if they are licensed physical therapists, physical therapy students in an accredited doctor of physical therapy program, medical doctors (or in training in accredited medical school) or doctor of osteopathy (or in training in accredited osteopathy school). Other professionals presenting poster/platform at the virtual presentation are not allowed to attend the presentation unless under specific requests of a licensed physical therapist to the AAOMPT Executive Board.

Fellows-in-Training: You will be required to provide the name of your affiliated Fellowship Program and list a minimum of one mentor's name. Also, you are required to add your mentor(s) to the author list of your abstract submission.

PRESENTATIONS: The presentations of the accepted research will be either a platform or poster sessions. The platform sessions are named: “Research Platform 5x5s”. This means presenters will have 5 minutes and 5 slides to present this topic.

PRESENTATION AWARDS: The platform presentation with the highest quality will be awarded the Dick Ehrard Platform Presentation Award. The poster presentation with the highest quality will be awarded the 1st Place Poster Award. Both of these will be formally recognized at the subsequent AAOMPT conference.

Please direct any questions to Chris Allen or Holly Jonely, Co-Chairs of the Research Committee, at [email protected] or [email protected].