COVID-19 Precautions

We will update this page with any changes to precautions taken. Precautions are subject to change.

AAOMPT conference events will be held in accordance with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local government. Currently, vaccine confirmation is not required to attend; however, AAOMPT expects each attendee to take appropriate safety precautions. We highly encourage attendees to be fully vaccinated before traveling to the Annual Conference. If an individual is not fully vaccinated, a face mask is required to attend events. 

As most of the participants traveling to the AAOMPT Annual Conference are licensed health professionals, we expect that good public health practices be followed to further their health and wellness and the safety and welfare of all that participate. Health practices should include personal health checks, not participating in events if experiencing illness, and managing risk factors for attendance in public events. AAOMPT would also encourage self and peer management consistent with a professional organization.

The following precautions are being implemented in light of COVID-19 concerns:

  1. Limit to Hands-On sessions with pre-registration required
  2. Hand sanitizing/hand washing stations available through meeting rooms by Hilton
  3. Regular cleaning/disinfecting in meeting rooms by Hilton
  4. If an individual attending the Conference is not fully vaccinated, a face mask is required to attend events.
  5. Social distance seating available in meeting rooms (limited though)
  6. Additional time allotted between breakout sessions to ensure adequate time to wipe down tables, enter and exit rooms, and provide an opportunity to handwash between sessions
  7. Live streaming of the General Session programming will be provided in the foyer area outside the main session room
  8. Sit down meal functions will have limited seating at specific tables (limited though)
  9. Food & Beverage options will follow Hilton safety guidelines
  10. AAOMPT will not be providing any shared transportation options to off-venue events

AAOMPT cannot guarantee measures taken will fully protect attendees from contracting COVID-19; therefore, anyone concerned or is in the high risk category should consider joining us virtually.