Virtual Platform Experience

We are excited to provide the AAOMPT attendees with the platform's preview for the 2020 AAOMPT Virtual Conference. This platform provides AAOMPT attendees with the ability to view LIVE (in real-time) AAOMPT events, including: , Keynote speakers, PTI lectures, Lunch and Learns, , schedule video chats with other attendees 1:1, a Networking Lounge to talk with other attendees in a group setting, and much more! We also offer the ability to choose from over 16 breakout programming offerings, where you will engage with the presenters through a chatting feature. Don’t forget about the APP – yes, we will also have an app available to all attendees to engage with other attendees from your mobile device.

A few days before the conference, you will be provided a link to our virtual platform. This link will take you to an entry page to enter your email and it will prompt you to create a password. Upon entry, you will see a screen similar to below:

From here, you will have the option to:

  • View attendees to schedule 1:1 video chats
  • View the schedule and make a customized agenda on the programming you want to attend throughout the next few days
  • Join the "Networking Lounge" open all day where attendees can stop in for a virtual chat with other attendees
  • View the speaker listing & session descriptions
  • Post in the activity feed a picture of your "virtual space" or your new "Office Mate" aka furry friends

Real-time or LIVE programming: For any session presented in real-time/live (such as Keynotes, PTIs, Panel, etc.) you can easily access the live stream via a button on the home screen in the platform. That button will bring you to the live stream of the presentation similar to the below:

Here you will be viewing the programming in real-time/LIVE and have the chance to submit questions and comment in the chat all in the comfort of your home. The session moderators will submit your questions to the Speakers from those that were submitted in the Q&A chat box.

During the Breakout Session: (18 presentations to choose from), our speakers will be available LIVE in the chat to answer your questions, and at the end of the presenation recording, will have designated time to answer your questions LIVE in the chatbox.

For the 5x5 & Poster LIVE chat Sessions: Designated Topic Channels allow attendees to select a button to view the specific topic channel they would like to view. The attendee can then review questions posed to presenters and pose your own question all in a designated chat forum. All presenters will be available to answer your questions regarding their research presentations that were sent to attendees in advance for viewing at their leisure.

Lunch & Learns Sessions: For Lunchtime – grab your Lunch and join our Lunch & Learn Sessions which will be live Zoom meetings with speakers addressing different topics. This will be an informal learning session, and you will be able to post questions in the Zoom chatbox.

NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES: Through the activity feed, networking lounge, 1:1 video chat, we have a number of options for you to engage with other attendees. We will have the popular AAOMPT conference app as well for attendees to view information on their phone!

Example of 1: 1 Video Chat

NETWORKING EVENTS: We have two planned events, Friday Night Pub Crawl & Saturday Night Social event. Friday Night, you will have the option to join a Live Zoom Meeting where AAOMPT Volunteers will be demonstrating their favorite drink recipes. On Saturday night, you will also have the option to join a Live Zoom Meeting where we will be hosting a virtual trivia game! Bring your trivia skills and join us Saturday night for some fun. We will also host a special event for AAOMPT Student attendees to get to know each other in our “2020 Affinity Room.”