Session Handouts

AAOMPT 2014 Conferences

Session Handouts

A functional approach to the treatment of TFCC problems: the anterior glide syndrome of the medial column of the hand
Presented By: Pieter Kroon, Brenda Boucher

Clinical Reasoning and Evidence-Based Practice: The Power of Combining Both
Presented By: Brian Russ, Matt Willey, Amy Pakula

Clinical Reasoning and Neurodynamic Testing and Treatment
Presented By: Michael Shacklock

Clinical Reasoning and Treatment of the Overhead Athlete
Presented By: Toko Nguyen, Benjamin Renfrow

Clinical Reasoning as a Foundation in Management of Patients Post-Concussion
Presented By: Anthony Kinney, Amy Garrigues

Clinical_Reasoning for Manual Physical Therapists — Keynote address
Presented By: Darren Rivett

Clinical Reasoning for the Manual Physical Therapy Student
Presented By: Evan Petersen

Clinical Reasoning in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) and OMPT: Classification, Intervention, and Impact on Musculoskeletal Health Care
Presented By: Ronald Schenk, Brian McClenahan

ClinicalReasoning: Integrating Trigger-Point Dry Needling within an Evidence-Based Practice Framework
Presented By: Tim Flynn, Andrew Bennett, Kevin Wait

Clinical Reasoning: Must It Be an Enigma? An Integrated and Comprehensive Construct for Effective Clinical Reasoning Applications
Presented By: Mark Erickson

Clinical Reasoning for Manual Physical Therapists
Presented By: Darren Rivett

Coccygeal Internal Mobilization: Clinical Reasoning and Treatment for Diagnoses Beyond the Pelvic Floor
Presented By: Brian Weber and Gregg Johnson

Communication As The Key To Clinical Reasoning
Presented By: Colette Seymann

Differential Diagnosis Between Pain of Lumbar Origin and Pain of Peripheral Origin: Central Sensitization
Presented By: Stacy Soappman, Kathy Berglund

Differential Diagnosis of the Cervical Spine: A clinically reasoned approach
Presented By: Kathy Berglund

Dry Needling and Clinical Reasoning: Is there enough information?
Presented By: Frank Gargano, Yun-tao Ma, David Griswold

Temporomandibular Disorders: An Introduction to Examination and Management
Presented By: Stephen Shaffer, Jean-Michel Brismée

Fostering Orthopedic Clinical Reasoning Skills in the Physical Therapist Student
Presented By: Gretchen Seif, Debora Brown

Immediate influence of psychosocial variables and centrally mediated pain in acute musculoskeletal injury
Presented By: Karin Townson, Jason Steere

Making Correct Decisions while using System 1 and System 2 Thinking
Presented By: Chad Cook

Manual Therapy Dosage? Translating Forces and Reasoning into Manual Prescriptions
Presented By: Jason Silvernail, Brad Tragord

Medical Screening for the Spine: Can a questionnaire assist with a systems review to support clinical reasoning?
Presented By: Shala Cunningham, Erik Womeldorf

Merging your OMPT toolbox and sports skills set in the high-level athlete: An Evidence-Based and Clinical Reasoning Approach
Presented By: Andrew Morcos, Emmanuel Yung, Marie Potter

Musculoskeletal Imaging and Clinical Reasoning: Collaborative Effort between Musculoskeletal Radiologists and Physical Therapists
Presented By: Sara Bertrand, Sara Abrams

Neuropathic or Peripheral Nerve Pain in the Causation and Maintenance of many Orthopedic Diagnosis's
Presented By: Jack Stagge

Osteopathic Manipulation
Presented By: Laurie Hartman, William O'Grady, Louie Puentedura

Physical Therapists as First Contact MSK Providers: How to Get There
Presented By: Linda Woodhouse

Prediction-Enhanced Clinical Reasoning: What is the Prognosis?
Presented By: Jason Beneciuk, Anne Thackeray

Putting it all together: Integrating dry needling and neurodynamics into clinical practice utilizing an understanding of pain sciences and an orthopaedic manual physical therapy clinical reasoning strategy
Presented By: Joe Donnelly, Beth Collier, Maggie Gebhardt

Recurrent Symptoms: Lessons Learned from Returning Patients
Presented By: Kornelia Kulig

Script Concordance Testing: Constructing Clinical Reasoning Assessments for the Ongoing Evaluation of the Manual Therapy Fellowship Student
Presented By: Brett Windsor

Shaping Clinical Reasoning in Orthopedic Physical Therapy Using Case Studies and Vignettes for Entry-level and Fellowship Students
Presented By: Carina Lowry, Carol Courtney

The lateral column compression syndrome; a clinical reasoning approach to evaluation and treatment of cuboid dysfunction
Presented By: Pieter Kroon, Tim Kruchowsky

The M.I.P. Algorithm: A Clinically Applicable Bio-Psycho-Social Model for Motor Control
Presented By: Joseph Brence, Francois Prizinski

The role of manual therapy in inter-regional dependence of hip pathology and lumbar dysfunction.
Presented By: Eric Shamus, Arie van Duijn

To Needle or not to needle: that is the question
Presented By: Rob Stanborough, Michelle Layton

When Clinical Decision Making Overrules the Evidence
Presented By: Paul Mintken, Amy McDevitt, Kristin Carpenter