Keynote Speakers

AAOMPT Annual Conference

October 22-26, 2014
Grand Hyatt
San Antonio, Texas

Keynote Speakers

Here are the exciting Keynotes for the 2014 AAOMPT Conference October 22-26th in San Antonio, Texas:

Laurie Hartman, DO, PhD
Associate Professor of Osteopathic Technique
British School of Osteopathy

Laurie Hartman is the author of "Handbook of Osteopathic Technique" and is a world-renowned expert on osteopathic technique and manual therapy. He has been practicing and teaching for over three decades as an Associate Professor of Osteopathic Technique, British School of Osteopathy.

Dr. Hartman uses his extensive teaching experiences in his comprehensive spine course, which includes focuses on the neck, thoracic, and cervical spine. Dr. Hartman has been teaching since 1964 and has since lectured in over 17 countries. Dr. Hartman has focused on teaching Osteopathic techniques to other disciplines including physical therapists, and chiropractors.

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Darren Rivett, PhD
Head of School
The University of Newcastle, Australia
School of Health Sciences
Faculty of Health and Medicine

Darren Rivett is the Head of School at the University of Newcastle. He received his PhD from the University of Otago in New Zealand September of 2000. He also holds a Manipulative Therapy Diploma from Cumberland College of Health Sciences, Masters in Applied Science (Manipulative Physic) from the University of Sydney and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) from Cumberland College of Health Sciences.

Darren’s research focuses on spinal manipulation, vertebral artery, clinical reasoning, pain management and chronic pain. He is also considered a research expert in Manipulative and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.

Darren has contributed to many publications regarding Manual Therapy including two books, Mobilisation with Movement: The Art and the Science as well as Clinical Reasoning for Manual Therapists.

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Linda Woodhouse, Prof., PhD
Chair/Musculoskeletal Research
University of Alberta

Linda Woodhouse, PhD, is an associate professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Alberta. She holds the David Magee Endowed Chair in Musculoskeletal Clinical Research and is a leading research-clinician. Dr. Woodhouse has worked with the School of Rehabilitation Medicine at McMaster University, the Departments of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation at Hamilton Health Sciences, and the Department of Surgery at Sunnybrook and Women's Health Sciences Centre.

The Dr. David Magee Endowed Chair in Musculoskeletal Health, the first endowed physiotherapy research chair in Canada, aims to bridge clinical practice and clinical research. Collaborating with practitioners from across her province, her focus is bringing clinicians and researchers together to advance strategies that improve access and optimize outcomes in patients with musculoskeletal disorders. The research will impact patients directly by improving methods of clinical assessment, injury prevention and treatment.

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