Pre-Conference Sessions Handouts

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Pre-Conference — Tim Flynn: Manipulations Around the World

File Names: Flynn Pre-Con Handout

Pre-Conference — Amy Garrigues/ Bara Alsalaheen: Evaluation and Treatment of Patients with Post-Concussive Syndrome The Physical Therapists Role

File Names: (1) Treatment Final handouts; (2) Acute Mild Traumatic Brain Injury; (3) Evaluation and Treatment of Post Concussion Syndrome; (4) Evaluation final presentation; (5) Final final lab; (6) Manual Therapy for Post-Concussion Syndrome; (7) Pathophysiology of Concussion final

Pre-Conference — Catherine Patla/Erin Conrad/Amanda Grant Roys/Kristy Brandon: Common Clinical Findings With Uncommon Links of the Lower Extremity: Evidence, Evaluation and Intervention

File Names: (1) Patla- Intro Prnciples Exam and Decision Making.pdf; (2) Patla-Popliteus.pdf