Keynote Sessions

Patient Selection in the Era of Interventional Spine Care: Differentiating Acute and Chronic Pain
Keynote Presenter: Stan Herring

Best Tests for Diagnosis of the Spine and Why It's Important
Keynote Presenter: Chad Cook

Manual Therapy: If It Works, Why Isn't Everyone Doing It?
Keynote Presenter: Joshua Cleland


Breakout Sessions

Krista Clark – Natural Alternatives to Long-Term NSAID Use
File Name: 2010 AAOMPT Krista Clark Natural Alternatives to Long-Term NSAID Use.pdf

Joshua Cleland – Recent Evidence for the Use of Manual Therapy in the Management of Neck and Low Back Pain
File Name: 2010 AAOMPT Josh Cleland Breakout Sessions Recent Evidence.pdf

Chad Cook/Phil Sizer – Tailored Home Exercise Programs as an Adjunct to Manual Therapy
File Name: 2010_AAOMPT_Cook_Sizer_Breakout_Session_1_and_2_Tailored_Home_Exercise_Updated.pdf

Chad Cook/Carol Courtney/Jean-Michel Brismée – Tips on How to Public a Paper on Manual Therapy
File Name: 2010 AAOMPT Breakout Session 3 Chad Cook Tips on How to Publish a Paper.pdf

Tim Flynn/John Childs – Creating a Healthy Practice – Clinical Excellence Begins with a World Class Customer Experience
File Names: 2010 AAOMPT Flynn Childs Breakout Sessions 1 and 4.pdf
                   Handout Customer Service.pdf

File Name: Kevin Harris/Skip Gill - The "4th Compartment" of the Knee - Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapist Interventions for Proximal Tibio-Fibular Joint Dysfunctions
File Name: Harris.Gill PTFJ AAOMPT 2010

Lenerdene Levesque/Hilary Reese/Dave Walton – Prognosis Following Acute Whiplash Associated Disorders (WAD): Development, Predictive Validity and Clinical Application of a New Clinical Tool
File Names: 2010 AAOMPT Levesque Reese Walton Sessions 3 and 4.pdf
                   San Antonio Participant Worksheet
                   Appendix: The S-LANSS Pain Score 2
                   Impact of Events Scale
                   Pain Catastophizing Scale
                   Practical – Algometry – PPT San Antonio

Tim Noteboom/Eric Robertson – Organizing the Web: Moving from Knowledge to Action
File Name: Organizing the Web: Moving from Knowledge to Action

Ken Olson/Eric Furto – Student Sessons I and II: Examination and Treatment of Temporomandibular Disorders: An Evidence Based Manual Physical Therapy Approach
File Name: 2010 AAOMPT Olson Furto Student Sessions 1 and II BO Session 3.pdf

Eric Robertson/Tim Noteboom –Entering the Online World: Boldly Go Where You’ve Rarely Gone Before
File Name: Entering the Online World: Boldly Go Where You've Rarely Gone Before

Michael Ross/William Boissonnault – Screening for Medical Conditions that May Present as Acute Low Back Pain: Are We Lowering the Red Flags Too Soon?
File Name: Not provided.

Ronald Schenk/Jessie Mathers/Charles Sheets – Patient Response Methods: Indications for Mobility, Stability, and Direction of Preference
File Name: 2010 AAOMPT Schenk Mathers Sheets Breakout Sessons 1 and 3.pdf

Chris Sebelski/Marisa Perdomo – Orthopaedic Interventions for the Treatment of Oncology Related Movement Impairments at the Shoulder
File Name: 2010 AAOMPT Sebelski Perdomo Breakout Sessions 1 and 2.pdf

Edo Zylstra/Issa Tamer - Trigger Point Dry Needling/Intramuscular Manual Therapy: Advancing Clinical Practice Towards Vision 20/20
File Name: AAOMPT 2010 Zylstra Breakout Session post presentation 101410.pdf


Research Day

Joel Bialosky – Keynote Presentation
File Name: Bialosky_Handout.pdf